Community Service Work-Study Opportunities

Volunteer with a Worcester-Based Agency and Get Paid!

Through GCR Community-Service Work Study (CSWS), you are able to connect with a Worcester-based agency for service and get paid for your time! CSWS positions are part of the Federal Work-Study Program and therefore eligible to HC students who receive a work-study award as part of their financial aid package. Students who receive a work-study award can review and apply for CSWS jobs: log into the Student Employment Guide
We will join the Community-Based Learning Orientation on September 5, 2022. So stop by the Hogan Ballroom from 4-6pm to speak with Sue Hunt and learn more about CSWS  Or, contact Sue Hunt, assoc. dir. of community relations, with any questions.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses while enrolled. The Work-Study Program can help students avoid increasing their student loans by earning part of their college costs. In addition to the financial benefits, students gain valuable work experience and develop transferable skills while in school, putting them in a stronger position to pursue graduate school and/or employment opportunities when they graduate.

A student receives an “award” amount of money through the Financial Aid Office but must work to earn it. Funds are paid out through a paycheck, as earned. The program encourages community service work and emphasizes employment in civic education and work related to course of study whenever possible.

Please note that a work-study award is not a guarantee of employment. Job placement will depend upon the number of jobs available, which varies throughout the academic year.

FWS Jobs

On-Campus and Off-Campus

The Federal Work-Study Program FWS jobs may be on-campus or off-campus (Community Service Work-Study, CSWS). Off-campus CSWS jobs are typically held with a private nonprofit organization or a public agency, and the work performed is in the public interest.

First-Year Student Policy

CSWS positions are not available to first-year students. (Holy Cross Dining Services offers first-year students their first on-campus job. There are several locations and students are trained and rotated in a multitude of tasks to help provide service to the campus community. Students will choose their jobs around their academic and extracurricular schedule by selecting a location and specific shift time.)

Off-Campus, Community Service Work-Study Positions

The office of Government & Community Relations (GCR) coordinates Community Service Work-Study positions. The office liaises with community partners to provide students with real-life opportunities to live the Jesuit mission of service for and with others through its placement of students in jobs as interns or tutors with local organizations. The mission of each organization that we partner with is to better the community in some capacity - whether it be through food justice, health and social equity efforts,, ending poverty, access to and success in higher education, women's health, or community engagement (to name just a few). If you are interested in working at a local organization and are work-study eligible, contact GCR or log into the Student Employment Guide to review available CSWS positions.

Current opportunities you'll find online (as of 8/2/22):