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Welcome to the Holy Cross Running Club! We are a group of long and short distance runners at Holy Cross. We compete in cross country and track and field events as well as non-competitive running. If you like to race, want to stay in shape, or are looking for some people to run with, Holy Cross Club Running is the club for you!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the club remained active in a completely virtual and operated mostly through Strava. After the height of the pandemic, many members choose to continue to utilize Strava to keep track of their own running though it. All club members are encouraged but not required to join our Strava page to see what other members have been running!

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If interested, please reach out to us via email: runningclub@g.holycross.edu

Follow us on Instagram: @HolyCross_ClubXCTF

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Max Silverman

E: RunningClub@g.holycross.edu

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