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The Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, national organization that seeks to identify, educate, and launch young men and women into foreign policy and national security careers imbued with the Hamiltonian perspective of strong and principled American leadership in global affairs. With the world more chaotic and dangerous today than it has been in a half-century, we seed the ground for the future of American foreign policy. Primarily through engaging in debate, AHS programming is critical to the intellectual and professional development of a new generation of American leaders. We believe that the American polity benefits from vigorous public discussion; our students frequently tell us that our events are the most engaging debates that take place on campus. AHS operates on over 80 chapters on college campuses across the country, in addition to professional chapters in New York City and Washington, DC.









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AHS's selective national programming provides our student leaders with foundational educational, professional, and social experiences. From our annual Student Leadership Conference that prepares our students to lead their campus chapters to our Hamilton National Institute that educates students in the fundamentals and first principles of our industry to our robust partnership with the Reagan National Defense Forum, our national programs are unique opportunities to catapult students deep into our network and into leadership positions on their campuses. We also assist our students with the most critical of functions: career advancement. Through opportunity tracking, mentorship and counseling, relationship building, and some financial support, our team serves as the office of career services for our student leaders, acting as their bridge into the professional world. By building relationships with like-minded institutions, offices, and people, we have become the pipeline for trusted and vetted talent, and are increasingly the first stop for resume calls in our growing network.

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