• New Upcoming Event

    The Gaming and Esports Club is proud to announce a new event we hope to bring back year after year- the Ghostly Game On! Held on October 26th, we hope to kick off Halloweekend with a bang. There will be a costume contest, other activities, and perhaps… murder?! Keep your eyes peeled, because there is treachery among the ranks of the e-board, and it's up to the event-goers to solve the mystery. Of course, several prizes will be distributed throughout the night, so be sure to show up and participate. Including one special prize to the person who finds out who murdered the unfortunate victim, their motive, and the murder weapon. Hope to see you all there!

  • Esports Report

    Our Rainbow team makes a return from retirement bringing back two of the core from the former roster with an infusion of new talent in the other three players. With a 4-0 record in their activation games the team is primed to dominate the season. Andrew the captain attributes this to the hard work the team has been putting in since the summer, gearing themselves up for a triumphant return to the scene. The team is competing in the Challengers division for the season and is looking to bounce back from an 0-1 start in the regular season.

    The Overwatch 2 team has also seen major turnover from last season with three new players being promoted to the main roster. With role swaps to optimize the roster the team is coming in with a new look for this upcoming season. The team finished their activation games 2-2 heating up as the games went on, while the divisions are not set, team captain Zach is confident that the team will dominate wherever they get placed.

    League of Legends got off to a bumpy start going 1-3 in activation, this in part is due to the starting roster still mix and matching players finding the best composition for the team. Senior captain and gamer of the month Brian had high praise for their new top lane Devin who has had stand out performances in their activation games. The roster is young with only one senior and the rest being freshmen / sophomores, so they are looking to cement a starting lineup and use the start of the season to find their footing. Once the team gets some practice under their belt they’re confident they have the skill to make a strong run in the division.

  • Baldurs Gate 3 Review

    By Wyatt Asgarian

    Baldurs Gate 3 is one of the best gaming experiences I have had the chance to go through. Inspired by many aspects of Dungeons and Dragons, Larian Studios has crafted a world that illustrates a level of freedom and exploration that no CRPG has done before while being stocked full of expertly written characters, incredible combat scenarios, and a plot that will have you at the edge of your seat. As you strap in for the wild ride across the lands of Baldurs Gate, experience things that range from building a rich romance with a bear, braving combat with a hive of mind-flayers, or being transported to a dinosaur dimension by a genie.

    This world built by Larian Studios truly never holds back. If the player wants to do something there is always an option available to complete their goal. Destroy an entire fortress with thousands of explosive barrels? Go for it! Start a relationship with a squid person? Always an option! Resurrect a dead woman’s husband as a zombie? That is possible too! The ability to approach every scenario is a feeling that rarely is ever captured correctly in gaming, yet Baldur Gate 3 is such a complex game that often anything seems possible. Furthermore, you aren’t alone in your journey, as can bring up to three friends along and get into all sorts of crazy scenarios. This isn’t even mentioning the 29 subraces, along with 12 classes that allow you to further immerse yourself with a detailed or wacky character, and thus make it truly feel like a role-playing game.

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  • Gamer of the Month: Brian Davenport

    A: Joining us today is Gamer of the Month and senior, Brian (Bribrid) Davenport. Brian has been with the club since his Freshman year, and is especially active in the club’s esport division–coaching League of Legends and playing in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Thanks for being here, Brian. So to start, tell us a bit about yourself!

    B: My name is Brian Davenport. I’m a math and computer science major. I’m actually from Worcester – I’ve lived here about nine years, so I guess that counts. I like gaming of course, games of all kind like sports games especially–playing more than watching. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    A: So, how did you get into video games?

    B: I’ve been forcefully indoctrinated my entire life. Nah, just kidding. So, I grew up playing them. I have an older brother–six year older than me–and we played games when he was a kid. I was always there watching for the most part. Early memories of him playing on the N64 and reading dialogue to me, since I couldn’t read yet, from like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time–-that was pretty sweet. So yeah, I also played a lot of Game Cube as a kid. And growing up, I just–yeah–kept playing, transitioned to new consoles and kept on playing.

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