• New Upcoming Event

    We're proud to present our first ever Magic the Gathering tournament! This bracket style competition will have you choose a commander deck (either one you own, or you can borrow one from someone) and face off against other members of the club. First place gets a collector's booster from The Wilds of Eldraine, along with other goodies. Keep an eye out for the location as we get closer to the date!

  • Esports Report

    The Overwatch 2 team has gotten off to a bumpy start of 1-3, facing tough opposition from the gate keepers of the division Champlain College most recently. With the addition of a new coach Tristan the squad hopes to bounce back and finish the season on a high note, tune in this Thursday to watch them play!

    League of Legends has seen some struggles not being able to field their whole roster for this season. When the full roster is playing they are dominating the competition. With a 2-1 record they have their next match November 1st at 7 versus Bryant University.

    The Rainbow 6 Siege team has their last game next Tuesday the 7th with playoffs hanging in the balance. While having tough matchups at the start of the season they have steadily improved their game and have built a strong foundation for next season.

  • Celeste


    By Wyatt Asgarian

    After a monumental 2420 deaths, I have climbed Celeste Mountain from the game, Celeste. With such tight platforming along with fluid and responsive controls, every movement that you use to guide Madeline, our determined main protagonist, feels impactful and reactive. In addition to an outstanding soundtrack, Celeste doesn’t shy away from attempting a more complex and impactful story looking at depression and anxiety. All of this together has allowed Celeste to hold my attention for days on end. It has been one of my favorite gaming experiences of recent memory, that has seemingly barely aged since 2018.

    The level themselves really allow for the systems set in place to shine. Starting with a singular dash, the developers are able to stretch the singular mechanic so far, and introduce constantly different mechanics that twist how the player interacts with the tools at their disposal. Often does each room seem like a puzzle to be solved rather than simply jumping from one platform to another. This reveals itself as a game with so much more substance under the surface level. Not to mention, despite the difficulty illustrated by my 2420 deaths, Celeste never relies on pixel perfection, instead asking the player to constantly re-evaluate how they plan their movement, and allow them to come to their own triumphic results.

    As previously mentioned, the story of Celeste focuses on Madeline, a girl with a goal to climb a mountain. On the way, she encounters many unique people and obstacles that influence the way she looks at the world, while also challenging her own personal issues. What starts as a rather cliche plot pulls you in with charming and endearing characters. From there it holds onto your heart with introspective questions and insight commentary. Celeste successfully creates a story that wants to tell hits close to home at many points that force not just the characters, but also the player to reflect on themselves.

    Besides the main campaign, Celeste feature a massive amount of side-content for those willing to deal with the challenges they may face. Often called B-Sides, these bonus levels are altered main levels that bump up the difficulty much higher. Completing enough of these B-Sides unlock entirely new levels, which have their own B-Sides that reveal even more content. Its almost entirely the length of the whole base game. This isn’t even mentioning the many different collectable strawberries, a cute way of showing completionist progress at the end of the game.

    Rarely do games pull off such excellence in almost every area of critque with such ease as Celeste has done over my playthrough. At every turn, it captured my attention with new mechanics, smooth platforming, a tight story, and topped off with a wonderful soundtrack. Celeste is overall such a high recommendation from me, towards anyone individual, whether they are experienced or not in platformers.

  • Gamer of the Month: Max Tsun

    R: Today we are meeting with our gamer of the month for November Max (Ogdo Bogdo) Tsun. Would you like to go ahead and introduce yourself?

    M: So my name is Max Tsun. I’m a sophomore psychology major and I'm the IGL for the Rainbow Six team.

    R: How did you get into video games?

    M: When I was young, I had a lot of free time. I was six and my dad asked if I’d like some video games. He didn’t know what the rating system was so he let me pick out whatever I liked. I had heard Call of Duty was cool so I got that. I also played Lego Star Wars a lot as a kid.

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